Crochet Fruits in a Design Basket

Do you just don’t eat enough fruits in a day? Or are you committed to eating healthier but regularly end up leaving your fruits to over-ripen and throwing it away? Do you simply struggle to care for your “one apple a day” when there are no fruits lying around in your home, but your efforts to set appetizing reminders on the kitchen table typically end in a room full of fruit flies?

Then I got you covered here! In this post, I show you how to make permanently-fresh fruits while keeping fruit flies at bay by making your very own crochet fruits in a stylish crochet basket. Forgetting about your (real) fruits is history now!

The variety of crochet fruits make for the perfect burst of freshness and colour in your room and they are also perfectly suitable as crochet toys (tip for the perfect food toy: add squeakers, Cellophane rattles or little rattle boxes into the fruits for the extra effect). Following my yarn recommendation in each pattern, you get a real-sized crochet fruit. The stylish crochet basket additionally decorates any room as a unique little work of art.

Below, you can download the following crochet fruits for free (to start the download, click on the linked texts below the gallery):

Add-on: crochet design basket

I am going to complete the fruits’ selection above piece-by-piece. So you can get the most out of your fruits’ basket.

Happy crocheting!

Fruits are not enough to make your day? Of course not! That is why I am currently working on a sweets’ plate (coming soon!). Who said you shouldn’t play with food?! 😉

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