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Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Patrycja, in short, Trisha, which you see as part of my blog’s name trisha-gurumi. The second term derives from amigurumi, a Japanese description for the arts of knitting and crocheting cute figures (animals, people, comics…), typically in Chibi-style.

I found my passion for crocheting by coincidence when I was looking for a new pastime and strolling around the creative area in a book store. Now, I am a crochet addict! Crocheting is my yoga without mat, calming and satisfying. I kind of dived into it from scratch and couldn’t stop since then. This was beginning of 2017. Half a year later, I decided to give my hobby greater attention and started to design my own amigurumis and other crochet crafts, and make them available to the crochet community, which I largely draw my inspiration from.

I’m currently living and working in Austria.

My blog, available in both English and German, is continuously growing with new projects, so if you don’t find anything interesting for you now, I hope to see you back soon!

Copyright claim:
All patterns that I offer here are designed and owned by me and they are under certain limitations free for your disposal. Those limitations include selling my patterns and not crediting me as the rightful owner when redistributing them. Shared contents in my posts are transparently displayed as such and I don’t take ownership for them. If you feel that I infringed your copyright by sharing your content in an inadequate manner, please contact me.

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