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Crochet Fairy Mobile

Fantasy is a child’s closest companion and even for adults fantasy creatures inspire magical dreams and let us get away from our everyday life for a moment or two. Where magic is, there is also a fairy; a soft, breathtakingly beautiful creature, often with healing powers that protects us from evil and pain. For the youngest of us, fairies are much more than just soft creatures and guardians. They are close friends and devoted companions at day and night.

With this free crochet mobile pattern you bring fairies into your home. Hang the crochet fairy mobile above the baby’s changing table or the crib and your little one will always be protected by these magical creatures!

The crochet fairy mobile consists of 4 fairies and stars made of 100% cotton (except for the hair in two fairies and the crochet cover of the mobile ring which is made of polyester). The fairies differ in dress shades and hair style, so that each of them becomes a very unique fairy to watch over your little bub. Each crochet fairy has a length of about 13 cm. As such they fit perfectly in the little hands of your baby, but are still big enough to not be swallowed. Be creative with the colours of the dresses, from earthy to bright and hip – how your little one likes it best! You can spin the crochet mobile by twisting the top of the ring (hanger loop) several times. The mobile then spins back and forth until it comes to a rest.

Crochet fairies
The four crochet fairies – each unique in dress colour and hair style

The free pattern download below includes the following:

  • pattern for a crochet fairy (incl. crochet wings)
  • pattern for a crochet star
  • how these two can be assembled to a mobile

By the way, you can also make a chain for buggies from the crochet fairy and crochet star. If you attach a teething ring between the hands of the crochet fairy and use different yarn materials for the dress and hair (use the same hook size recommendation!), you get an all-round toy for your bub to chew, touch and look.

Skill Level


Crochet Stitch Types

The following stitch types are being used:

  • single crochet
  • foundation single crochet (for the arms und legs of the crochet fairy): Check this great instruction on foundation single crochet (FSC) by the spruce Crafts
  • bobble crochet stitch (as the thumb of the hand): see here how to make a bobble crochet stitch)

What do you need

  • Super fine yarn (at a recommended hook size of 2.5-3.5 mm). I used Cotone Uni by Lana Grossa (gauge: 10 cm = 23 M). I worked with a hook of size 2.5 mm
  • Security eyes of 6 mm or you can embroider your very own eyes at the end
  • Scissors (small ones are perfect to help you stuff the inside with fiberfill)
  • A mobile ring of ~20 cm diameter, or an aluminum wire of ~63 cm length which can be deformed into a ring
  • Darning needle used for weaving in the yarn ends and to sew the body parts together
  • Fiberfill
  • Measuring tape to measure the distance between the crochet fairy and the crochet star to the mobile ring and to the hanger loop at the top of the ring

Crochet Pattern

Download the free pattern for the crochet mobile here:

Have fun with crocheting!

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