Crochet Dolls with Patterns

“There are two kinds of people, those who love dolls and those who don’t yet know that they love dolls” – Gayle Wray (Doll Designer)

Although I wouldn’t consider myself a huge doll fan or that I ever was, crochet dolls have done it to me. Their possibilities in creativity of styling and shape are enormous. Just a new haircut can mostly not be undone. With crochet dolls you have a pretty safe gift for a kid (no chemicals, potentially no loose, small stuff to choke on), a great personalized item for a friend (ever tried to copy a person into a doll?) and they are considerably less wasteful than usual toys (less to no plastic). You can even include a fairtrade or recycled cotton addition to your doll.

After coming back to trying new body shapes a few times , I’ve now got a small collection to share with you (for beginners and intermediates). So here they are: my recent works – each to some degree unique in itself – accompanied by a free pattern so that you can immediately start making your very own crochet doll:

1. Ami, the Student

Characteristics: Ami is 14 cm tall and was crocheted using a yarn at a recommended hook size of 2.5-3.5. The doll is based on my Amigurumi Doll (my first of its kind and you’ll see room for improvement there), now with an appropriate outfit. For the cloths, I mostly used a yarn of weight 0 (lace), apart from the jeans-dress for which I used a super fine yarn (2.0-2.5 mm hook size recommendation). Except for the beige cardigan, I’ve worked with a 1.0 mm hook on the outfit. The outfit-pattern includes the wire glasses, cardigan, dress, shoes and knapsack. The doll-pattern is a guide for the naked doll and the hair. Both patterns come as separate downloads.

Download: doll and outfit

2.1. Crochet Barbie

Characteristics: this beauty was crocheted using lace yarn (recommended hook size is 1.25-1.5) and she is about 15 cm tall. I designed her to reach the look of a barbie, well shaped on the butt and the upper body, and she got quite some laughs when I showed her around (details matter) 😉 Like all of my dolls here, she is a one-piece crochet doll. She wears a casual, sporty style, but the dress from the Evening Queen (below) fits her too. The free pattern includes the entire doll with the clothing.


2.2. Evening Queen

Characteristics: this crochet doll is a variant form of the doll above and the pattern can be easily adjusted to be used for a male body too. The free pattern includes the entire doll as pictured, including the outfit (jumpsuit, shoes, bag).


3. Miss Winter

Characteristics: I love winter and just by looking at her, I feel the desire to put on a warm sweater, a pair of boots, get the coat out of the closet and get out into the wet freshness! Differently to the other crochet doll styles, I increased the proportions of her head and lower part of the body. I worked with two types of yarn sizes: a fine yarn (recommended hook size is 2.5-3.5 mm) and a medium sized yarn (recommended hook size is 5-6 mm). The free pattern includes the instructions for this appr. 24 cm doll with her entire clothing.


4. The Traveller

Characteristics: together with Miss Winter, The Traveller belongs to my bigger crochet dolls (23 cm). With a shirt, hiking trousers, hoodie and a knapsack this male doll is ready to conquer the world!


5. Cowboy

Characteristics: this crochet man with a slightly bald head is with 13 cm size (incl. the hat) considerably small and was worked with different yarn types (from a 1 mm hook to a 2 mm hook). The cowboy’s body was worked in one piece with colour shifts from skin-colour to white (shirt) to blue (jeans). The rest (hat, shoes…) is crocheted separately.


I hope you have a favourite figure among my crochet dolls for tryout! In case a mistake sneaked into a pattern, please write me and I’ll correct it as soon as possible!

Liked it?


  1. WOW they are so pretty and I love your site! Million thx for making them available for free!!!! Ami and the barbie are my favorites 😉

    1. Thank you! That sounds lovely, I’ll be happy to. You’ve got a considerable collection of free patterns, wow

  2. hi you have great patterns thanks for sharing, i’m trying to do Crochet Barbie but stuck when i attach the 2 legs together and try to do the sc 7 5inc 2 then i have 2 empty sc still till the 3 sts ch i checked the number of my sts and they all match your pattern i don’t know what should i do can you please help me ?

    1. Hi Asma, at the beginning of the 30th round you should have a stitch count of 2x 15 sts (per leg) plus the 3 chain sts; i.e. a total of 33 sts. If you match this stitch count before Rd 30, I assume that you could have done one of the following wrong:
      1) you connected the left leg to the right leg by stitching into the sl st of Rd 29 of the right leg and not into the left-out-st thereafter.
      2) you just counted wrongly when starting the 30th Rd. You first make the connection stitch (left+right leg being connected by 3 ch and working through the first left-out-st of the right leg), and it’s now that you count anew.
      At least, that would explain the 2 remaining sts in the 30th Rd, if your stitch count is correct.

      I hope this helps!

  3. Thank you for the fantastic patterns! My granddaughter asked for a very specific doll for her birthday and I was desperate to find a pattern to start from! Thank you! Thank you!

  4. I was working on this and have hit a road block after round 50. my stitch count is just not matching up. I’m not sure how round 53 = 37 and not 39 stitches, I’m not sure if you do or do not count the chains as stitches, and am unsure what (2, dec) x2 means (I assume 2 is 2 sc? but that doesnt help my math)

    Other than this, its a really lovely pattern!!!!

      1. Hi! Thank you for noticing, it appears that I do have a stitch count error in the pattern between Rd 51 and Rd 56. It should be correct after this, though. If I counted right this time it should be +2sts per Rd, i.e.:
        51. Rd. (44)
        52. Rd. (41)
        53. Rd. (39)
        54. Rd. (35)
        55. Rd. (27)
        56. Rd. (21)
        The description itself appears to be correct thought.
        I do count the ch sts, although the ch st that goes back into the Rd gets ‘swallowed’ by the sc.
        (2, dec) x2 means: 2 sc, then dec. Repeat.

        I hope this helps!

  5. H. Thank you for your patterns.

    I’m following Evening Queen pattern and stuck at/from Rd 52 onwards. The stitch count doesn’t match up. I can’t seem to figure it out.
    Thank you.

  6. Thank you for posting this! I have a question about the barbie doll. After you make the first leg, do you cut the yarn before starting on the second leg? I’m still a beginner so I’m not sure. Excited to try this 🙂

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