Amigurumi Doll (14 cm)

Instagram is full of them, and so is Pinterest: crochet dolls; tall or short, thick or thin, detailed or bulky, pretty or interesting ones… I’m particularly taken with the creativity in their clothing. And I was surprised to see how few small crochet dolls there actually are for a standard yarn weight for amigurumis (else than lace). Although a yarn weight of size 5-10 (lace) allows you to elaborate the body parts, I tried to work around with a thicker yarn and still include as many details as possible.

So, if you are searching for a crochet pattern for an appr. 14 cm sized amigurumi doll to be crafted using a fine to super fine yarn weight (2-2,5 crochet hook size), then I got you covered! You can download the free doll pattern here. The pattern only includes the body and hair doing.

UPDATE (29.11.2017): the outfit is now available here under Ami, the Student.

I have modified the pattern a few times. If a mistake sneaked into it, please contact me! Do you like the pattern or have suggestions for improvement? I’d love to hear your feedback!


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