Mini-Doll Keychain


Mini accessories we mostly don’t need but generally like to have: keychains.

They are finger-sized small, generally nice to look at and we mostly keep them because they represent a positive memory or something that’s useful to us, or they help us quickly grab our keys. Whatever the reason, the best part about keychains is that they are perfectly suitable as an individualized gift for, like, anyone; even for those, who generally consider souvenirs to be dust traps.

If you want to level up your crochet gift for a friend or family member, I’ve got you covered with the details. Now, you can turn yourself, a friend, family member or a favourite celebrity into a less than 3.5 cm small accompanying miniature.

What do you need:

  • a crochet thread in beige or skin-colour at a recommended hook size of 1.25-1.75 mm (thread size 10)
  • a hook of size 1 mm or slightly below
  • different colours of crochet threads of the same size as for the body that is used for the hair and an outfit
  • 3 mm safety eyes or, alternatively, 2 thick black knots to be used for the eyes
  • a 0.3 mm craft wire if you want your figure to wear glasses (and two (sushi-)chopsticks for assisting with the lenses)
  • any other crochet thread colours for additional accessories (e.g. hat, scarf, hair ribbon)
  • tiny scissors that can be used to assist in stuffing
  • some wadding
  • a trigger hook with a nylon strap (e.g. like this one)

Skill level: experienced

Download the free pattern here.

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