Crochet Christmas Tree

Christmas is coming! And it’s time to bake, decorate and, of course, to crochet.

A christmas tree is for most families part of the christmas atmosphere – be it large or small, abundantly or modestly decorated, a christmas fir tree gives you that certain holiday spirit at home. While most people place their christmas tree in the living room, the other rooms are mostly left empty handed. How about extending the christmas atmosphere to any place at home you want? With this simple Crochet Christmas Tree pattern you can add some snowy touch to any place you want.

My Crochet Christmas Fir Tree is held minimalist white with a touch of gold glitter in the green yarn (unfortunately the glitter isn’t well visible in the pictures) but you can additionally trim the tree with small fairy lights or crochet tiny little balls and sew them onto the fir tree to create an extra christmas effect. Either way, the snowy fir tree is the perfect standalone decoration on your desk, the bookshelf, on the bedside table or at the coffee table in your living room. For us, it currently decorates our dining table.

The 14 cm snowy fir tree is straightforward to crochet. You start with the body in increasing rounds, crocheting alternately in both loops and back-loops only (blo). With a new yarn you add, round by round, the branches in the front loops of all those rounds in which you previously crocheted in back-loops only. You can enlargen the tree to your own preferred size simply by continuing the increase rounds to how far you want and adding the white branches accordingly.

Let’s make for some cozy atmosphere with this free Christmas Tree crochet pattern!

Skill Level


Crochet Stitch Types

The following stitch types are being used:

  • single crochet
  • single crochet back-loops only (sc-blo) (a how-to guide is provided in the pattern document)

What do you need

  • Super fine yarn (at a recommended hook size of 2.5-3.5 mm). I used Rainbow Glitter by Hobbii (for the green glitter body) and Cotone Uni by Lana Grossa (for the white branches’ rounds)
  • I worked with a hook of size 2.50 mm
  • Scissors
  • Fiberfill
  • Darning needle

Crochet Pattern

Download the free pattern for the Crochet Christmas Tree here:

Happy crocheting!

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