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Crochet Christmas Angel

Christmas is upon us and with it some more time for family, friends and for crocheting! Of course, in a household with a crochet enthusiast, crocheting starts already before Christmas time. But this time of a year, as another one coined by painful global events, calls for something less traditional Christmas-like. No Christmas Tree, bright socks, funny dwarfs or elves, but a symbol of peace, protection and love: a Crochet Angel.

The Christmas Crochet Angel is warmly wrapped in a simple gold-twisted dress, our beloved cozy Christmas cap, an eye-catchingly red shawl and cute Christmas-style boots. While the outfit nearly diverts our attention from the modest wings, one thing you see for sure at once: the content, peaceful smile in her eyes.

In this version obviously a female, you can easily adjust the pattern to a male form by using a short hair cut and safety eyes (for instance). At 17 cm size (when crocheted with super fine yarn) this crochet beauty is an eye-catcher that gives any heart the right Christmas vibe. When crocheted with lace yarn and in different colour combinations, the Crochet Angel can be used to decorate your Christmas Tree as well as your dinner table. It is also perfect as a Christmas gift and can be easily turned into a standard crochet doll (without the Christmas look).

You can get the premium Crochet Pattern for this beautiful Christmas Crochet Angel in my Etsy online shop.

I hope you enjoy this pattern and I’m looking forward to sharing many more patterns with you next year!

Merry Christmas!


You can get the pattern for the Crochet Christmas Angel in my online shop on Etsy (as a PDF download in German and English):

Material needed:

  • super fine yarn at a recommended hook size of 2.5 – 3.5 mm. The following yarn types and colours where used:
  • medium yarn at a recommended hook size of 4.0 or above. The following yarn type and colour was used:
  • black crochet thread (for the eyes)
  • crochet hook of size 2.0 mm AND 3.5 mm
  • wadding
  • small scissors
  • sharp wool needle

Stitch types used in the pattern:

  • Basic crochet stitches
  • crocheting in back-loops / front-loops only

Happy crocheting and Merry Christmas!

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