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Crochet Baskets

11cm / 19 cm; 4.0-5.0 hook size


Crocheting baskets is fun and very easy to make (great for beginners!), you have a wide range of options for different styles, shapes and sizes of baskets, and they can be a chic decor that holds your yarn and knitting utensils together. The internet is full with various basket styles, but here I want to show you my favourite one, pretty straightforward, simple and great to be used in Nordic interior design.

What you need:


  • bulky yarn (weight 5) or two medium (weight 4) yarns
    of the same or different colours. I used two Adela by Woll Butt yarns (preferably knitting needle size of 6-7) at a length of about 110 m per yarn ball, and I crocheted with 2 strands of the yarn to make the basket thicker
  • a crochet hook of size 5.0-5.5 mm (respectively to what yarn weight you use)
  • a scissor
  • darning needle to weave in the ends

The finished crochet basket is about 11 cm height and 19 cm wide across the bottom.

Crochet in continuous rounds!

st, sts = stitch, stitches // sc = single crochet // hdc = half double crochet // inc = increase // dec = decrease // ch = chain // sc inc = make two single crochets in one stitch (two single crochet increase // sl st = slip stitch

1.Rd: ch 2 and make 6 sc into the 1st ch (alternative to a magic ring) (6)
2.Rd: sc inc in each st around (i.e. make two sc in each sc) (12)
3.Rd: 1 sc, 2 sc in the next sc (i.e. sc inc every second st) – repeat 6x (18)
4.Rd: 2 sc, 2 sc in the next sc (i.e. sc inc every third st) – repeat 6x (24)

… you increase in all the rounds thereafter 6 times (increase on every fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh…, up to 11th stitch), and you have finished with the bottom of the basket


As for the wall of the basket, you do half double crochets in every stitch, starting from 2 chains at the beginning of the 13.Round, and continue with hdc-stitches until you’ve reached your desired height of the basket (or run out of yarn):

13.Rd: after finishing the bottom, start with 2 chains and hdc in each next stitch of the bottom for the next round.



At the end of the 13.round (the round ends where the 2 loose chains start), slip stitch through the 2nd chain stitch, and continue round 14 with half double crochets:


14.-22.Rd: hdc in each st for the next rounds until you have finished. Sl st at the end to make the closing look smooth and weave in all yarn tails.

Your very own crochet basket is done!


If you want to see various more crochet basket designs, check out this site!

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