Crochet Chain Decor

appr. 65 cm length; 4.0-5.0 hook size


For everyone who likes extraordinary home decor, why not have a huge chain dominating your couch? With a fluffy yarn, it is an unusual (and somehow harder) pillow and a small entertainment program if you have guests on your couch! Most importantly, it’s very easy to make (for beginners!) and a great activity for relaxation.

What do you need:


  • yarn of weight 4 (medium) or 5 (bulky). I used Woll Butt Adela in the colour anthracite. At a chain size of appr. 65 cm, you need 3 yarn balls
  • recommended hook size is 4.0 mm (for a bulkier yarn, you might need a larger hook size, however, with a small hook size you create a denser pattern which you want in your output)
  • scissor
  • darning needle
  • some wadding for the interior of the chain


My chain in the picture contains 9 links and each link has a radius of about 6.5 cm, creating a length of appr. 65 cm. If you want your chain to be bigger and longer, you need more than 3 medium yarn balls and you have to make more ground stitches than I used and- for thicker chain links- more than 8 (resp. 16) rounds.

Start: make a slip knot and chain 45 stitches. Then, slip stitch through the very first stitch next to the slip knot at the start of your ground chain in order to make a ring. Make sure that the line of stitches is not wrapped around when you close your ground chain in order to create a regular look. (45)

1.Rd: single crochet into each chain (45)
2.-8.Rd: double crochet into each stitch (45). If you are not familiar with double crochet, click here for more information. Make sure that you crochet tightly, otherwise you might see some wadding in your final chain looking out. Alternatively, you use single crochets in the 2.-16.round.

At the end of your 8th (or 16th) round, you should have the following output:


Now, we want to fold the work and sew both sides together to get the chain link look. For that, cut the rest of your yarn, but leave a considerable amount of yarn as a rest that is used for sewing (min. 70 cm). You fold the work such that your last round is facing you and the first round is in the back of the last round:

You now sew the first and the last round together and stuff some wadding in constant steps until the chain link is firm and closed. The remaining yarn you sew into the chain link.

Here you go, you’ve got the first link of your chain! For all the other links, you repeat the previous steps, but now, you close your chain stitches at the beginning around your finished chain link and, thus, crochet the next rounds around it:


You do so for all the other links so that all links are connected until you have got your preferred length of the chain.


Tip: if you like your chain to look firmer and denser you have to use single crochets  in the 2.-16.round instead of double crochets in the 2.-8.round. The more rounds you make (8+), the thicker your link gets, but at 45 ground stitches, you should not crochet more than 9 rounds. If you want your chain to be bigger, start with more than 45 ground stitches.

Liked it?


  1. I love this, thank you! Seems it would also be easy to make links separately while traveling, then join them to the main chain at home with a new link.

    1. You’re welcome! Yes, that would work indeed. It could be a bit exhausting, though, stitching across two finished and thickly stuffed links instead of one, particularly when it comes to closing the link…

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