This is Sparta! (7.5 cm)

Fully-equipped to fight at pocket-size: Amigurumi Spartan. This ancient Greek’s pride has a size of about 7.5 cm. For the equipment and clothing, I recommend to use thin yarn, such as a Diana size 10. In case you want to use a yarn at a larger weight for the entire crochet Spartan, you should skip the skirt to avoid a too bulky look.

What do you need:


  • a skin coloured yarn at a recommended hook size of 2.0-3.0 (e.g. Cotone or Cotone fine) for the body; use a hook size of 2.0 mm to create a dense pattern
  • a red coloured yarn similar to above for the Spartan cape
  • a dark brown coloured yarn of weight lace (e.g. Diana 10) for the shield, helmet and loincloth; use a slightly brighter yarn for the skirt and a hook size of 1.4 mm or less for these equipment (I used a hook of 1.25 mm)
  • a little piece of grey-coloured felt for the sword
  • a pair of safety eyes at 6 mm
  • a scissor
  • some wadding
  • a fine darning needle

Skill level: intermediate

Get the free pattern for crochet Spartan here

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