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Mini Monkey – Crochet Bracelet

Monkeys are universally cute and you will find ridiculously many google entries on just the terms “crochet monkey” or “crochet ape” (to be biologically correct, I should speak here of a crochet ape, but let’s stick to the general use of monkey). Still I figured, why not try a different use of the crochet monkey and turn it into a tiny accessory: your very own cute bracelet!

Not interested in bracelets? No problem, the teeny crochet monkey works great as a decor (I recommend using wire in the arms for that matter) or curtain holder too (I’m actually not kidding).

I used a yarn of size 10 (recommended hook size is 1.25-1.5mm). Naturally, the higher the yarn weight you use, the bigger your crochet monkey gets. At a yarn size of 10 you get a body size of appr. 2.5 cm.

What do you need:

  • two colours of yarn at a recommended hook size of up to 1.5 mm (e.g. Diana 10, Muza 10). I used beige and dark-brown; in black you quickly reach the look of a spider with those long arms and the small eyes…
  • as for the crochet hook size, use about 0.5 mm lower than what is recommended for the type of yarn you choose. That makes the stitches look nicely dense and the amigurumi gets smaller. With my size 10 yarn I used a hook size of 1.0 mm
  • safety eyes. I used 3 mm safety eyes. Alternatively, take a 100% mercerized and combed cotton yarn, make several knots in one spot and use those for the eyes
  • for a bracelet, additional two small magnet clips for creating grip hands. For other purposes, you can use a 1mm aluminium wire for the arms instead.

Skill level: intermediate

Get the free pattern for your crochet monkey here

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