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5 years ago, Trishagurumi was launched as a website for crochet amigurumi and crochet decor. All those years and inspirations later, there are still numerous crochet ideas waiting to be brought on paper. But turning crochet ideas into crochet patterns needs lots of time, effort and commitment. So why not bring Trishagurumi to a whole new level? This is why I decided to open a new category of premium crochet patterns for amigurumi and offer them in an online shop on My online shop is accessible here:

A Market Place for Handmade

When you are regularly looking for crochet patterns, you will sooner or later come across Etsy. As a market place für various crafts and handmade products from all over the world, Etsy connects those who love to create with those who seek something self-made. It’s an ideal market place for the creative, the curious and the handmade-lovers. The ideal place for Trishagurumi.

Why Premium?

It is this one amigurumi you have seen on the web that you absolutely must do for your friend’s birthday. You buy the yarn and everything you need for it and you eagerly start crocheting. But soon you reach a dead end, the stitch count doesn’t add up and you just can’t make it look like in the pictures on the internet. The description is poor, you lack pictures or a sketch, or any answer to your questions in the mail. Soon you lack the motivation too to finish your crochet.

I hope, you never encountered the situation above for any of my patterns here. But writing comprehensible and clear crochet patterns that crocheters at all levels can interpret, is anything but easily done. Offering crochet patterns for a small contribution (premium patterns) motivates that fancy crochet ideas are realized into comprehensible crochet patterns.

Although, I will continue providing you with lots of self-made free patterns, you can expect the following out of my premium patterns:

  1. The amigurumi made from a premium pattern is unique. Although the crochet idea might not be inventive, your amigurumi is a one-of-a-kind.
  2. The premium pattern includes detailed descriptions and step-by-step illustrations of the crochet.
  3. The pattern is written thoroughly and revised several times.
  4. From the idea and drawing to the crochet attempts, from the process shooting to the final writing, the premium crochet can be considered more elaborate and time-consuming than a free version.

New and Same Old

Even though, you can soon purchase exclusive crochet patterns as premium patterns on for a small contribution, I will continue making free patterns available for you here!

At the moment, the online shop has only a few patterns, but I will expand the shop with lots of fancy new patterns and pictures step-by-step. The popular pattern for the Crochet Willendorf Venus can be already purchased for a small donation fee in the Trishagurumi online shop, though, you can still download it for free in her original blog post here.

If you like to support my work, I am looking forward to your visit on!

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