The Willendorf Venus (11 cm)


Also known as Venus in Schatulle (engl.: Venus in casket) or Venus I is one of the most prominent archaeological findings in history. The estimated 29.500 years old piece of lime rock was found about 109 years ago in the Austrian Wachau Region (Lower Austria) and is currently located in the Natural History Museum (NHM) in Vienna [1]. Facts aside, if you are a history lover, a cultural assets’ collector or always wanted to have a Willendorf Venus at home without actually having to rob the NHM, you can now make your very own crochet Venus following my pattern below; for a jail-free curriculum vitae and a naked, 11 cm (like the original!) decoration at home.

I included a wire in the body (for the arms and legs). If you want to work without a wire, attach the arms to the breasts at the end of your work to make it look like the original.

What do you need:

  • a fine to super fine yarn (at a recommended hook size of 2-2.5 mm); it is assumed that she had a white-skin colour, but I tried a lime-paint styled colour to keep it neutral
  • additional curly yarn (bouclé) for her headgear. It is unknown whether she wears a headgear of basketwork or short curly hair. Thus, I used a beige coloured twisted yarn at a recommended hook size of 6-7 (e.g. Woll Butt Adela) and tried to make it look like it could fit for both
  • (wiring)
  • some wadding
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors

Skill level: easy

Get the free pattern for crochet Willendorf Venus here.

The crochet Venus in comparison to the original Willendorf Venus
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